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My Name is Kado Wilks

My journey into men's fashion started when I was 5 years old. My father, who was a US Capitol police officer, also sold suits out of the trunk of his car. His clientele included congressmen, county executives and others, who were in professional positions throughout the DMV. I would tag along with my father on early Saturday mornings, as we would head to the garment district in Manhattan, New York. It was there that I learned fabrics, materials and patterns and developed my own sense of style. 

Over the years I've been sought out for my advice of 'What to wear" or "How does this look". I also have an innate ability to learn an individual's style of fashion, which allows me to dress them accordingly. From all the compliments I receive whenver I put on an outfit, or the "You should do this for a living" statement, I have decided that now is the time to provide my years of knowledge and expertise to the masses.

Whatever the level of fashion you are at, from your 1st suit to your 5th tuxedo, I am here for you.

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